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Abused and neglected children support
What is Play Therapy

Play therapy helps bring natural communication out with the inner child. Symbols have been used for centuries to communicate through language without uttering a single word. This concept is provided to us by Virginia Axline.

support for ADHD children
Private Therapy

Beacons Play Therapy works within the community. We know that everyone is not the same and everyone has different needs.


Children with disabilities help
Therapy in Schools

Beacons Play therapy supports schools with pupils that need that extra support in life and 1-2-1 stability. We currently work with several schools in and around Maidstone and Ashford.

Accreditations to operate

Beacons Play Therapy is a regulated therapeutic team that offers support to children, families, adults, and schools across Kent.


We have chosen to move away from PTUK due to the framework they implement and the way they collect data on all their therapist's clients. it does not meet our ICO and GDPR framework, we will continue to follow a strict code of practice set out by them and BACP.

Please be advised Beacosn Play Therapy is switching to a new regulator

Nothing will change for our clients.


Beacons Play Therapy. Children's therapy and alternative support in schools and Home.


Angry child help, Out of control children, educational support, Child trauma and abuse help, Child neglect, Emotional and behavioural difficulties, Withdrawn, Global development delay, Speech and language help, Therapeutic teaching.


Part of Swale Home Education

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