Children's Therapy in Schools


Beacons Play Therapy supports schools with pupils that need that extra support in life and the 1-2-1 stability. We currently work with several schools in and around Maidstone and Ashford, helping children with Emotional Behavioural and Social Difficulties. We also support children with physical and mental disabilities.

Beacons Play Therapy is part of S-H-E, we specialise in SEND support. We have specialist 1-2-1 TA's who can support with EBD, ASD, ODD, Down's syndrome, GDD, PTSD and many more areas of specialism. All our behaviour TA's are Team Teach trained with CPD in de-escalation of fight or flight. Making them the leading support arm of any Main stream or Specialist school.

Beacons Play Therapy helps to support schools who are looking for an alternative approach to children with inner anger and sorrow.


Beacons Play Therapy supports schools with Ofsted and LEA, giving them the edge in showing how the school is supporting children in need and pin pointing the children that are at risk.


Swale Home Education supports the FLO within the school and helps them maintain a relationship with the family or social workers. We attend meetings to show support for the child and have input to their wellbeing.


Children who are supported by Beacons Play Therapy respond better in class and have been proven to be less likely excluded from the school.


We help channel the child’s inner emotions and guide them into the true ability they have inside, taking the inner sorrow and helping them process this from negativity to positivity.




Proven cases support above.