Will it be confidential?

Information that you share about your child and family will usually be kept confidential. A Play Therapist may share information with other colleagues and professionals for the benefit of you. A Play Therapist must share information with other professionals if they are concerned that a child or person is being harmed, hurting others or themselves.

Your child’s Therapist will meet with you at regular intervals to discuss progress in therapy sessions. Any changes and developments you have witnessed or experienced at home will also be discussed. The Play Therapist will not disclose specific details of what your child has said or done in sessions. This is important in order to maintain your child’s trust and feelings of safety with the therapist.

Please note if the child is in care or parents are separated the only person that will be spoken to is the instructing party. It will be then up to the instructing party to share any of the information with third parties.

We only release information to courts when an order is produced - court order report documents are charged at £145 and are not included in the session fees.