Parent's Centre

We understand that it can be very challenging to have a child who has behavioural and/ or emotional difficulties.


Whilst your child is going on their journey through therapy, we will actively support you so you feel confident and stronger in supporting them.


If you have any questions, we are here to help wherever possible. You will be kept informed about the progress your child is making in each session and we will be able to support you in keeping the healing cycle going.

What is troubling you?


You often worry when your child has a problem that causes them to be sad, disruptive, rebellious, unable to cope or inattentive. You may worry about your child’s development, eating or sleeping patterns and, what about how they are getting along with family, friends and at school?


No child is the same. They are all unique and special. Sometimes, they experience problems with feelings or behaviours that cause disruption to their lives and the lives of those around them.


We often delay seeking help because we worry that we will be blamed for our children’s behaviour. Feeling responsible for a child’s distress or problems is a normal part of caring. The fact that you have the commitment to start addressing the difficulty is a significant part of helping your child.


Please find below some of our Frequently asked questions and links to their answers.


FAQ section obtained from BAPT

Attachment and Boundaries

Boundaries are a key factor in your child’s progression. Having clear boundaries at Home, in the Classroom and within your surroundings will always give you the control and respect that a child craves. Giving children attention all the time is sometimes to a detriment and can cause a behavioural issue when the attention isn’t there.


Having a good, clear attachment to your child is a fantastic way of showing that you're there for them.


We can talk more about Attachment later.