Family Therapy is a form of counselling in a non-direct way. If you are anything like my partner or child, talking at them just doesn’t work this is hands on therapy session where the parents take the lead and you play through the issues. Using symbols to show your inner feelings can bring out more than words and help restore the relationship you once had.

Filial Therapy was created by Drs. Bernard and Louise Guerney in the late 1950s and developed throughout the rest of their careers.

Filial therapy is a special kind of play therapy, the Therapist teaches the parents to conduct special nondirective play sessions with their own child/ children. These are done under the supervision of the therapist at first and then later once the therapists feels the progression is great enough, the parent leads their own sessions in an environment suitable for all.

​​It is suitable for children of all ages. Filial Therapy is specialised for 2-6 years but will support older children as well.

​After this once a fortnight you will meet with the therapist to discuss the progress and talk through the successes and troubled areas. Combine this with a monthly Play Therapy Session will help stabilise your child.

​Our therapists are trained by one of the leading Filial Therapists in the world - Rise Van Fleet Ph.D, RPT-S

Beacons Play Therapy. Children's therapy and alternative support in schools and Home.


Angry child help, Out of control children, educational support, Child trauma and abuse help, Child neglect, Emotional and behavioural difficulties, Withdrawn, Global development delay, Speech and language help, Therapeutic teaching.


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