Play Therapy with animals

Animal Assisted Play Therapy is defined as “the integrated involvement of animals in the context of play therapy, in which appropriately-trained therapists and animals engage with children and families primarily in play interventions aimed at improving the child’s psychosocial health AND the animal’s well-being. Play and playfulness are essential ingredients of the interactions and the relationship.” (VanFleet, 2004, 2008)


Gwin is our in house therapeutic Pup; He is only 18 months old and is very playful, Loves working with children and is signed off for working in schools.


Please speak to the team for more information on Animal intervention.


Beacons Play Therapy. Children's therapy and alternative support in schools and Home.


Angry child help, Out of control children, educational support, Child trauma and abuse help, Child neglect, Emotional and behavioural difficulties, Withdrawn, Global development delay, Speech and language help, Therapeutic teaching.


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